Central and north Valley-area cyclists now have another reason to celebrate, in addition to the weather warming up outside.

The City of Phoenix has announced the re-opening of the Dreamy Draw Bike Path located in the popular Dreamy Draw Recreation Area in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. The path is scheduled for bike and pedestrian traffic to resume in March.

Dreamy Draw Park Roadway as well as the recreation area has been closed since June 2021 for the city’s ‘Drought Pipeline Project’. The project consists of the installation of a new 48-inch pipeline and a 66-inch pipeline as well as rehabilitation of the Dreamy Draw Recreation Area.

In addition to the bike path, the Dreamy Draw Pleasant Tunnel and the Perl Charles Trail (1A) will also re-open in March. However, no parking is available at Dreamy Draw Recreation Area until the trailhead renovation is complete and the park officially re-opens in the summer of 2023.

The Parks Department noted alternate park access via:

32nd Street Trailhead,
22nd St Trailhead,
40th Street Trailhead,
Mesquite Trailhead, and
Quartz Ridge Trailhead

While the bike path will be opening soon, for cyclists and pedestrians, water services are not available at Dreamy Draw Park until the renovation is complete in the summer.

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