A Multi-Sector Approach to Ensuring Free Expression in the Digital Age – Module 7

Preserving free expression in the modern era of digitalization necessitates a collaborative endeavor across several distinct sectors, each having unique merits and drawbacks. Here is an examination of four crucial sectors: private entities in internet services, governmental regulation and policymaking, civil society initiatives along with third-party research organizations, and media outlets, including news industries. Social […]

Module 5: Blog Post No. 4

Freedom of expression has undergone fundamental changes with the advent of the internet, bringing along unparalleled prospects as well as intricate hurdles. Let’s explore how this technology has influenced freedom of expression: Thanks to the internet, individuals can now reach a GLOBAL audience instantly with their self-expression. Social media platforms, blogs and online forums offer […]

Blog Post No. 3: Question

The issue of increasing state-level legislation in the United States, with the intention of restricting certain aspects concerning freedom of expression, is definitely a complicated and intricate matter. On one hand, it illustrates the varied viewpoints and principles we hold dear within a democratic community as lawmakers endeavor to confront perceived obstacles or worries. On […]

Protecting the First Amendment as a Shield for Reporters and News Outlets:

In a democratic society, the First Amendment acts as an essential safeguard for journalists and news organizations. It enables them to collect and circulate information freely, which is vital in promoting awareness among its citizens. The protection provided by this amendment covers various journalistic activities that enable reporters to act as mediators of public discourse […]

Module #1 Question

In my opinion, the societal value of a concept like free expression is nuanced and multifaceted, holding both public and personal significance alike. Publicly speaking, free expression is a fundamental value to democratic societies as it allows for the open exchange of ideas, opinions, and information. It’s instrumental in promoting dialog and critical thinking, thus […]


Hanging outside an unassuming, beige commercial building on Indian School Road in central Phoenix, the large industrial sign reads, “Leslie’s Pool Supplies.” Hidden around the backside of the building, however, is the entrance to the progressive-forward “Christ’s Church of the Valley,” or CCV, as the congregants call it. As children played outside on green AstroTurf, […]

Dreamy Draw Bike Path Reopening

Central and north Valley-area cyclists now have another reason to celebrate, in addition to the weather warming up outside. The City of Phoenix has announced the re-opening of the Dreamy Draw Bike Path located in the popular Dreamy Draw Recreation Area in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. The path is scheduled for bike and pedestrian traffic […]

Senate seeks to ban ‘Drag Brunch’

Joe’s Diner, a greasy spoon on 7th Ave, isn’t the first place you’d think to find one of Phoenix’s most famous and glamorous drag queens on an overcast Thursday morning, sipping iced tea in a corner booth. Richard Stevens, a.k.a. “Barbra Seville,” has entertained the local Valley community with his drag artistry for over 20 […]


In 1993, “Philadelphia” became the first mainstream/blockbuster film to acknowledge the HIV/AIDS crisis. The picture stars Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. Filmed and set in Philadelphia, PA, it tells the story of gay man named Andrew Beckett who asks lawyer Joe Miller to help him bring a lawsuit on his employers, who had fired him […]

Stereotypes, norms, and generalizations

In media we all have seen references made about various groups of people, (or targeting specific individuals), who are often corralled or lumped into one specific type of idea about them. This essentially is “stereotyping” them. Making it seem in one’s mind that one is just like another, is just like another, ad infinitum. Humans […]