To the Moon…?

The moon landing hoax conspiracy has been circulating now for almost 50 years, basically since the moon landing itself. Skeptics and doubters of modern mechanical marvels have always been amongst us, and I’m sure to many living back then, it did seem magical or “too good to be true” for a flying ship to hurtle […]

Fact Checking

Reuter’s Fact Check Blog is a valuable resource when it comes to verification of news items you come across on the internet, social media sites or in emails that you want to vet and verify as authentic. A recent post I came across on their blog was one having to do with disinformation regarding the […]

Being wary in the digital age.

In today’s digital age, safe-guarding your personal and private data is paramount to ensure your digital footprint is secure. Everyday we hear of new threats to our safety and security while perusing online websites, and breaches in data secrecy involving our credit cards, identity and other personal information. Threats that can rear their ugly head […]

Media Usage Mod 3.

9:00 a.m.: Slept-in today as it’s a weekend, and that was very much needed! I saw that my iPhone screen was lighting up as I awoke, so I reached over to my bedside table to check what notifications I had coming in. I saw that I had several news notifications, some from Instagram, Twitter, and […]

Net Neutrality Issues

Net neutrality is a hot-button issue today. It seems that everyone has an opinion about how far and wide-reaching laws pertaining to it should go. At the heart of the issue is consumer’s access to the internet, and the fairness that access entails. Consumers and their advocates desire an even-keel playing field when it comes […]

Justin’s media use.

7:30 a.m.: I wake up and usually will check my notifications on my iPhone first thing. I’ll have all of my morning news pushed from the WaPo, NYT, WSJ, AZ Central and LA Times. I also will check Twitter, my e-mail, any new texts, and make coffee often while doing all of this as well. 8:00 […]